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Cable sizing software cable sizing calculation etap. Electrical raceway and cable routing cad design software. Cable tray and conduit filling calculator calculate the cable tray and conduit capacity, our app will show you allowed number of cables. The maximum allowable pulling tension at bend t bm is the limit that the calculated pulling tension t b should be compared. Calculate size of cable tray for following cable schedule. The software package incorporates eatons full breadth of bline series cable management products and assists design and build contractors and engineers in developing accurate cable tray designs which help improve overall purchasing decisions. New now available for cable tray as well greenlee continues to drive efficiency with pullcalc, an app that helps electricians and contractors approximate the pull force needed to install an electrical cable inside of conduit or in a cable tray. Beama best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems including channel support systems and other associated supports companies involved in the preparation. Paneldes raceway is the 3d cad design module of eds used for the creation of plant raceway models.

Calculating bend allowance, bend deduction, and kfactor. Online store for cable trays fill capacity and load charts, cable trays. The first common sense rule is to follow code for cable trays. Cable tray fill calculator cable tray sizing per the national electrical code article nema 3929b cable tray fill calculations and cable tray sizing calculations will be computed as follows.

The quick tray wire mesh cable tray fill table below shows the number of cables and the load in lbflineal foot developed by typical 4 pair and 6 pair cable weighing 20 lbkft and 40 lbkft,respectively. Cable tray is sized based on the number and type of cables required for the current and future need. How to make an internal bend in steel cable tray using a crimping tool or bending machine duration. Verify the three 90 bends have a sufficient radius to limit the swbp on the conductors to 750 lb. Wire mesh tray technical guide anixter wire and cable. Ezycalculator is an interactive online tool designed to help you calculate safe loads to spans for steel, aluminium and frp strut and cable support components. Builtin intelligence that autosuggests the next component for routing based on the cursor position in the drawing. Commscope solutions work best when they are designed, delivered, configured and installed by our global partner network.

Excel containment sizing calculator excel networking. Nonventilated vertical outside bend cable channel channel cable tray fittings bline series cable tray systems e14 eaton all dimensions in shaded areas are millimeters unless otherwise specified. Thanks to the new fastening clip, obos mesh cable trays can now also be fastened rails without screws. For example, if the design calls for pulling three singleconductor 600v xlpe conductors around a bend and your pulling tension calculation yields a value of 3,600 lbs, then the minimum bend radius would be 3,600 lbs divided by 1,200 lbsft, or 3 ft. They are not intended to be used as ladders, walk ways or support for people as this can cause personal injury and also damage the system and any installed cables. If t b is greater than t bm, the possibility of redesign or rerouting should be considered. Cable pulling software cable pulling analysis etap. For example, while bending a mediumvoltage cable consisting of a copper tape shield, the cable may form cracks in the outer jacket. What i would do is use a spreadsheet program like excel by. Now it takes just 5 seconds to calculate cable sizes, this means you can quickly produce precision results every time in full compliance.

Since then legrandcablofil has become a leader in cable management around the world with more than 94,000 miles of tray installed globally. Electrical design, schematics, and calculations software. They are logical ideas that have been arranged and put into a simple system. Cable tray pdms catalogs and specifications eaton teamed with aveva and intergraph content experts to develop bline series cable tray catalogs and specifications. Calculate size of cable tray excel sheet electrical notes. Electrical raceway design and cable routing software. Oct 21, 2018 cable raceway tray support calculations.

A 50% fill ratio should equal the maximum number of cables pulled in a given cross section. Aluminum ladder straight sections, fittings and accessories. Conduit fill calculator conduit fill is the percent of area inside the conduit taken up by the cables. Cable tray raceway fill and load calculations electrical. The bline cable tray manual this excel sheet contains formulas for calculating cable tray size and conduit size. Pipe rack piping layout accessways on pipe rack cable tray arrangement future space spacing between rack beams pipe rack loading to civil flow meters in pipe rack pipe supports. For cable tray, the default bend radius is set to the width of the cable tray, measured between the inside edges.

A pointbypoint calculation method is performed at every conduit bend and pull point. Mild steel sheet weight calculator online ms sheet weight calculator. Use this dialog to specify wiring parameters, voltages definitions, distribution systems, cable tray and conduit settings, and load calculation and circuit numbering settings. Eaton offers computer aided design software for cable tray layouts, helping save time, money and improving accuracy date. To prevent cable damage, cable standards such as the national electrical code nec and the insulated cable engineers association icea formed requirements for minimum bend radius. Bline series software and resources cooper industries. Today the cope brand is part of atkore international and is the premier producer of all major categories of cable tray systems. Eaton teamed with aveva and intergraph content experts to develop bline series cable tray catalogs and specifications. Simply enter number of each type of cable, length of run, and number of bends. Not required outside diameter cable qty cable size weight lbsft total cable weight. Design of pipe rack involves considerable planning and corordination with other engineering groups. To open electrical settings, click manage tab settings panel mep settings dropdown electrical settings.

Careful measurement and marking out is required to obtain a satisfactory fit. It enables the users to quickly createroute complex cable tray s with an intuitive interface. Cable tray is a bridge that allows safe transport of wires across open areas and gives protection against the overheating and fire problems. In 1948, thomas jefferson cope developed the first modular cable tray system and introduced it to the electrical industry. The methods set forth are not difficult, nor are they technical. Jan 25, 2016 fabricating cable tray on site it is sometimes necessary to fabricate joints to meet particular installation requirements, or where a factory made accessory is not readily available. While this table is a useful guide,actual loads must be calculated using the cable specified. The companys continued success is the result of ongoing innovation and the ability of wire cable tray to adapt to any application. Cable ladder systems and cable tray systems are designed for use as supports for cables and not as enclosures giving full mechanical protection.

He is freelancer programmer of advance excel and design useful excel base electrical programs as per is, nec, iec,ieee codes. How to determine bending radius multicable corporation. Accurate prediction of cable pulling tension is essential for the proper design of cable systems. Data is entered by legs and each leg is considered to be a.

For example, if code specifies only a 50percent fill, use a larger tray that allows more leeway instead of a smaller tray. Etap cable sizing software provides various options which can be used for design requirements. The purpose of this manual is to introduce an organized method of electrical estimating that will enable the estimator to obtain a complete bill of materials both accurately and quickly. Axelent softwares userfriendly xtray calculation tool helps you to calculate all accessories needed for the xtray installation. Easily find all your cable sizes and voltage drops. Suitable for any type of cables, pulling profile or installation method conduit, tray.

Oct 17, 2017 how to make an internal bend in steel cable tray using a crimping tool or bending machine duration. Change the bend radius for cable tray revit products. Dec 07, 2014 calculate size of cable tray for following cable schedule. Cable trays may be filled 50% when using control or signal wiring. Select a cable tray bend, click the dimension for the radius, and enter a new value. Xtray calculation tool for cable trays axelent software. Jun 06, 2017 calculating bend allowance, bend deduction, and kfactor article by saeed mojarad cswe createdupdated june 6, 2017 in my previous post i talked about kfactor, bend allowance and bend deduction and what they mean in sheet metal design. This knowledge makes it possible to avoid underestimated andor over conservative design practices to achieve substantial capital savings during construction. The cable tray institute is making available the current edition of this practical guide for the proper installation of aluminum or steel cable tray systems. For technical queries with regards to your warranty application please.

Access a range of file formats and content for specific software solutions here. You can specify a different multiplier for the bend radius in the type properties dialog for cable tray. Cable tray straight, left elbow, right elbow, bend outside, bend inside. These design requirements can be userdefined or automatically determined from load flow, short circuit, and protective device calculation results. Calculate cable tray width calculate cable tray area calculate cable tray length calculate cable tray weight calculate remaining % width of cable tray calculate remaining % area of cable tray free download. Oct 11, 2000 t b pulling tension at and of bend, lbs. May 12, 2015 highland, il power management company eaton today announced the release of its bline series traycad software, the latest version of autocad compatible cable tray design software intended to help. Get ahead of potential cable damage with pullplanner 4. Highland, il power management company eaton today announced the release of its bline series traycad software, the latest version of autocad compatible cable tray design software intended to help minimize design time and associated costs.

Calculate size of cable tray excel sheet electrical. Enter the number of bends, tees, crosses and reducers and we will calculate the connection hardware required. Cable trays are like conduit, except they are square and have an opening top. Industrial design professionals using plant or smartplant 3d can click below for design content for bline cable tray. Cable tray should be perforated and 20% spare capacity. Paneldes software performs cable routing, cable filling and cable length calculations, as well as interference analysis and materials reporting. Cable pulling electrotechnik pty ltdelectrical calculations software. Vertical outside bend radius width dimensions r catalog no. These guidelines will be useful to engineers, contractors, and maintenance personnel. Heres how it works, for single or three phase cable calculations, simply. This will help contractors to select the correct pulling equipment for the jobsite. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems.

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