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The aim of this briefing paper is to give institutions an overview of the mobile web space and an understanding of why developing hosted, mobile web applications can offer an attractive and viable solution that can overcome the fragmentation and deliver crossplatform services. Purpose of the paper and summary the purpose of this paper is to inform the scrutiny commission of. Dr jessica allen, ms sorcha daly ucl institute of health equity key messages. This briefing paper aims to provide patients organizations with uptodate, evidencebased information on the science, technology and regulatory information relevant to biological and biosimilar medicines. The american association of oral and maxillofacial surgeons aaoms, the professional organization representing more than 9,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the united states, supports its members ability to practice their specialty through education, research, and advocacy. A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that often addresses issues and how to solve them. The white paper on care and support, published on 30 march 2010, includes proposals for a national care service which would overhaul the way care and support is paid for and provided. A white paper is an authoritative report that offers solutions to a problem.

Think of it like a short pitch for why someone should write what youre about to write. Briefing paper on the proposed consumer rights directive. The briefing paper examines the impact the fully harmonized definitions in the proposed consumer rights directive would have on the internal market. Making a positive impact on organisations human rights and. Future of home health care project the alliance for home health quality and innovation is supporting a researchbased strategic planning project on the future of home health care in america.

White paper healthcare supply chain traceability executive summary. Both the white paper and the briefing book rely on your authority over the deep research that you have conducted on the issue or problem and they share many analytical features. White papers and briefing books projects at harvard. A paper about procurement with purpose, by spend matters 04202018 in this paper, peter smith of spend matters looks at procurement with a purpose, and how organisations of all types can use spend to drive social, environmental, and economic benefits in the world. Briefings and consultations policy and advocacy hospice uk. Click on the following link, writing a briefing paper. A second issue briefing paper prepared for the winter 2018 c. It is targeted at any and all organisations and stakeholders in.

This web page identifies what a briefing paper is, what its purpose is, general guidelines for writing a briefing paper, and a description of the sections of a briefing paper. The care and support white paper sets out the governments vision for a reformed care and support system. How to write white papers people actually want to read. This article describes continuous value management cvm, an approach developed by ihi that is derived from lean accounting and employs quality improvement qi methods, to assist health systems to decrease. The government published a white paper on the 11 july 2012 in which it set out plans to transform care and support in two major ways. This briefing paper summarises recent studies by the oral health crc on the erosive potential of sugarfree beverages, sugarfree confectionery and sports drinks. Recommendations for the development nurse generalist competencies for suicidespecific nursing care. The potential of sugarfree beverages, sugarfree confectionery and sports drinks to cause dental erosion.

Further information on the purpose and use of the cookies used and how to remove them can be found in our privacy policy. This is essentially a brief 200 words or so description of what your white paper will be about. A life settlement may offer a financial alternative to lapsing or surrendering the policy. Nevertheless, the country is still open to some consultations under the umbrella of the wto. In three phases, the alliance will release this white paper, sponsor a public workshop and hold a symposium on the topic. In commercial use, white papers are often used as a marketing or sales tool where the product is. The decision maker then refers to the extended briefing book for the deep analysis that supports the core findings andor recommendations. Both the white paper and the briefing book rely on your authority over the deep research that you have conducted. May 2018 peoples needs defining change health services change guide introduction and context the irish health and social care system is prioritising personcentred care more choice, more personalised care, and real empowerment of people to improve their health and wellbeing. It consists of a precise statement or set of instructions intended to inform another individual who may have solicited assistance to study and make recommendations on a matter.

The white paper stresses the governments desire to drive continuous quality improvement in services. Support for care leavers by nerys roberts manjit gheera, rachael harker, tim jarrett. The papers are focussed on assessing the state of the country as the basis for public discussion and debate. Publications ihi institute for healthcare improvement. Ipp via the instrument of healthcare simulation using the domains and competencies developed by ipec. It features brief sentences and paragraphs, bulleted. The white paper on the family the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and state. The term originated when government papers were coded by color to indicate distribution, with white designated for public access.

We produce a range of briefings for hospices on key policy developments, and work with them to make sure the voice of hospice care is reflected in policies and laws by responding to consultations issued by government and other national bodies. Jul 11, 2012 the care and support white paper sets out the governments vision for a reformed care and support system. The white paper stresses the governments desire to drive continuous quality improvement in. It covers the trafficking of children into the country as well as the trafficking and exploitation or movement of children within the uk for the purposes of exploitation. White papers and briefing books harvard university.

Several international experts believe that nothing will come of the wto action. Child trafficking a briefing paper from the childrens. As a third national consensus collaborative, in 2012 the society for simulation in healthcare ssh and the national league for nursing s nln symposiumsupported in part by the josiah macy jr. The constitution contains key provisions that support access to safe and legal abortion services and postabortion care. This particular method of payment was designed to focus on improved care that providers could clearly follow in order to maximize their payments. Briefing paper to the health and social wellbeing overview and scrutiny commission 15 january 2016 wards. Aug 23, 2012 the word is dotted throughout the white paper and an entire chapter is devoted to the concept. The dangerous overuse of solitary confinement in the united states august 2014. New statutory principles that embed the promotion of individual wellbeing. It seeks to establish a national care service and places significant focus on greater integration, partnership working and collaboration within. All briefing paper of the senior commissioning manager on behalf of the director of integrated commissioning, nhs hull ccg.

Low interest rates have led to soaring premiums for many older universal life policies. Developing a briefing paper tn 21 a briefing paper is a summary of facts pertaining to an issue and often includes a suggested course of action. The care and support white paper sets out the vision for a reformed care and support system. A briefing book or briefing paper is a distilled version of a traditional report that may resemble a long decision memo. This white paper focuses on healthcare supply chain traceability, from manufacture to patient, going beyond, for example, what is currently regulated by the us 21 cfr part 820 and iso 485 quality system regulations. May, 2020 white paper 12 new immigration ideas for the 21st century.

The paper brings together and reinforces the reform themes that have already been developed within individual departmental plans and the wider big society agenda. Workcare white paper assessing physical and mental fitness for work by peter p. Older people and the social determinants of health authors. Children in wales general election 2017 briefing paper children in wales has produced a briefing for the upcoming general election that will be held on 8 june 2017. A group of writers has been assembled to write short briefing papers based on extensive research programmes and presented in a form that can be easily understood. To transform peoples experience of care and support, putting them in control and ensuring that services respond to what they want. Housing lin briefing no34 further to the green paper on the future of care and support in england, the government published its white paper, building the national care service on 30 th march 2010. The open public services white paper has set out a crossgovernment vision for how this improvement will be achieved. This website began hosting a series of briefing papers from early in 2014. The word is dotted throughout the white paper and an entire chapter is devoted to the concept. This section includes articles, books, reports, bibliographies, and other publications. This briefing paper gives an overview of the movement or harbouring of children for the purposes of exploitation child trafficking. That there is a rise in sexual and genderbased violence in conflict situations is undisputed. The white paper proposals in brief ministry of health on.

It supplies targeted information about and analysis of a particular subject, sometimes with policy recommendations. Universal declaration of human rights, article 16, 1948. Interprofessional education and healthcare simulation symposium. A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that informs readers concisely about a complex. The briefing gives details of the pledges made in the manifestos for each political party standing in wales.

Building the healthcare system of the future white paper. The cumulative experience of unequal social, economic and environmental circumstances throughout life contribute to health inequalities in older age. This briefing paper provides general background on the development of government policies to support care leavers, and existing support available in key areas such as. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the most recent cdc data 2010 and the rates have increased over the previous 10 years. Briefing book background materials for a working conference december 23, 2004 washington, dc sponsored by institute for the advancement of social work research in collaboration with school of social work, university of maryland institute for geriatric social work, boston university 750 first street, ne, suite 700 washington, dc 200024241. White papers are common not only to policy and politics, but also in business and technical fields. Start with a working version that describes your topic. The care and support white paper vision to promote peoples independence and wellbeing by enabling them to prevent and postpone the need for care and support.

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