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Illinois bunn special size 12, 21 jewel stem wind lever set movement, serial number 2,727,520 manufactured in 1915 and housed in an engraved 14k solid gold hinge back and bezel case serial number 282,073. This is a fan page for all of us who admire the illinois bunn special pocket watches. We buy and sell vintage pocket and wrist watches and watch accessories including ball, elgin, hamilton, hampden, howard, illinois, rockford, south bend, swiss, waltham, and us and foreign watches. Illinois made many rr grade pocket watches, most in sizes 18 and 16, but also 17. Illinois pocket watch bunn special nawcc message board. Pre owned mens illinois 161 a elinvar bunn special 60 hour watch. Goldbergs pocket watch collection illinois watches. Get a great deal with this online auction for a pocket watch presented by property room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. Bunn special pocket watch made by illinois watch co. Illinois bunnspecial163a bridge elinvar jewel signed.

Illinois open faced pocket watch size 8 illinois watch co. This watch has ruby jewels with gold screw settings. A closeup view of an illinois 16 size 23 jewel 163a bunn special marked elinvar under the balance bridge pocket watch movement. I do not now nor have i ever owned an illinois bunn special 161b, and. Illinois bunn special 23 jewel 60 hour pocket watch ebay. If you are new to collecting pocket watches my best advice is to take your time, even buying from me. Perhaps the best known illinois watch is the bunn special. The bunn family surname was used in their most famous railroad watch, the illinois bunn special. Shop forand learn aboutantique illinois pocket watches. Illinois bunn special railroad pocket watch 16 size 21 jewels bunn gf case runs 20 years. Illinois pocket watch 14k grey dial 46mm manual watch. Ive restored hundreds of these brilliant timepieces over the decades and i invite you to read more about my guaranteed services. We do not guarantee the validity of digital download codes.

Illinois bunn special pocket watch 18 size, 24 ruby jewels. Illinois bunn special pocket watch rock island auction. Illinois pocket watch repair and illinois pocket watch servicing is the focus of this page. Adams, john whitfield bunn 18311920 and various additional financiers. The illinois watch company operated out of springfield, illinois from 1869 1927. There arent any current day counterfeits in the sense that a whole pocket watch has been made to appear to be an illinois pocket watch wrist watches may be a different subject. Unless a pocket watch is very rare small differences can make a big difference in price. The keystone watch case serial number 6644201 and illinois movement serial number 3487653. Probably why they were purchased by hamilton in about 1927. A very nice 24 jewel 18size bunn special made by the ilinois watch co. The watch has a screw off front bezel and back cover.

A bunn special railroad pocket watch by the illinois watch company. Founded in 1870 in springfield, illinois, the illinois watch company sold its first watch movement. Bunn special pocket watch repair repair service of a 16s 21 jewel illinois bunn special pocket watch. Illinois bunn special 163a bridge train description 163 a bunn special illinois this. Illinois bunn special pocket watches, east tennessee. Double roller running cludes simmons gf chain make sure to check out our ebay store for other unique listings. Illinois watches all prices for illinois watches on chrono24. Good 16s, 21j illinois, bunn international buyers please note. This is a fan page for all of us who admire the illinois bunn. The following gallery contains illinois dials that are proper matches for 16s bunn special movements. Im not into watch collecting but i would cherish a bunn special. Illinois, bunn special 163, extremely rare type ii jones. While many models are very desirable the illinois sangamo special and bunn specials in the 60 hr.

You are viewing a very fine quality gold filled open face pocket watch. The illinois watch company was founded on december 23, 1870, in springfield, illinois, by john c. Illinois 21 jewels antique pocket watches for sale ebay. Boss 15 years 2546112 on one side and it reads adjusted 1510919 21 ruby jewels bunn special springfield ill on the opposite side. This 1st edition, book is the definitive research and collecting guide to 16 size illinois bunn specials.

Beware of aftermarket replacements and improper dials. Illinois pocket watch pricing and collecting nawcc. Illinois was ahead of its time in many respects in the early 1900s. Illinois 161 elinvar bunn special, rr grade, pocket watch.

Shop by year of manufacture such as 1920now, 18801889, 18701879. The movement was disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. Illinois bunn special 60 hour pocket watch 23 jewels 10k gold. Understanding the time, has lengthy been a wish of numerous people.

Illinois watch company pocket watch with 21 ruby jewels bunn. Info, specs, and value american antique pocket watches, with serial number lookups for manufacturers such as elgin, illinois, waltham, and hamilton. The model name is bunn special which was manufactured from 19 to 1930 and considered one of illinois watch cos fine and accurate railroad pocket watches. Bunn special 21 jewels illinois watch company springfield. The item value used on the customs declaration form will be the amount you paid not including shipping cost. Import duties, taxes andcharges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Recently i had acquired an illionis pocket watch that is marked bunn special on the back movement i think its called. The illinois watch company was founded on december 23, 1870, in springfield, illinois by john c. Find the perfect deal for illinois antique pocket watches with free shipping on many items at ebay. The illinois pocket watch service that i offer you is safe, prompt and precise. My watch articles take me on journeys to unexpected places and i learn something every time that i write one. Im in the market for an illinois watch company bunn special pocket watch.

The pocket watch is just one of a variety of instruments which will satisfy the requirement for telling time. Near museum quality 1923 16s 14k gold filled illinois bunn special pocket watch. The inaugural model was the stuart, followed by the mason, the miller, the currier, and finally the bunn special, a railroad watch that would become a cornerstone of the illinois pocket watch lines. Illinois later produced an extensive line of extremely fine and accurate railroadgrade pocket watches like the sangamo special, bunn special and santa fe special just to name a few. No dings or dents or other flaws in the case, it shows a slight amount of wear but no problems, no wearthrough of any kind, no brassing, just a good solid large keystone j boss. Boss goldfilled openface case, doublesunk enamel dial with seconds dial. The 16 size illinois bunn special, 191948 michael chamelin on.

I am not sure of the value or if i should try to clean the watch my. In this section, you will find a nice selection of vintage illinois pocket watches that are typically considered gents size, although in many cases would also be appropriate for a woman to carry. Mens illinois 161 a elinvar bunn special 60 hour for sale. The early illinois models were keywound and keyset and are quite collectible today. Illinois bunn special railroad grade and approved pocket watch in a highly engraved solid 14k gold case. It is their grade 161 featuring 21 jewels, a 60 hour main spring, and the elinvar hair spring, plus, it is housed in the very desirable illinois bunn special model 107 case. Watches by hourminsec illinois bunn special pocket watch. Antique illinois pocket watch repair, mechanical illinois. Item name illinois bunn special pocket watch balance staff 1506 d. This has a smooth gold filled case with hinged bale and lobed crown.

Im also looking for a place to discuss and share pocket watch collecting experience. This beautiful railroad pocket watch is in a 10k gold filled case manufactured by the illinois watch case company in. The item vintage illinois 16s bunn special model 10k gold filled pocket watch case is in sale since tuesday, february 4, 2020. A closeup view of an illinois 16 size 21 jewel 161 bunn special marked elinvar on the balance bridge pocket watch movement. I live in springfield, illinois where they were made so many years ago and i think it would be really cool to own a piece of history from my home town. Bunn special railroad pocket watch by the illinois watch.

The 16size illinois bunn special 191948, michael r. Illinois bunn special 10kt gold filled pocket watch. Get the best deals on illinois 19 jewels antique pocket watches when. Illinois bunn special pocket watches home facebook.

Illinois bunn special railroad pocket watch 16 size 21. Antique 16s, 21 jewel illinois bunn special railroad grade pocket watch. A very handsome railroad watch in an immaculate 20 yr gold filled swingout case. American pocket watch 1979 price indicator, identification and price. Discover a large selection of illinois watches on chrono24 the worldwide marketplace for luxury watches. Illinois 19 jewels antique pocket watches for sale ebay. This is an excellent example of a very collectible railroad grade pocket watch made by the illinois watch company. His signature is engraved on the movements of all bunn special watches. We specialize in watches, jewelry, antiques and collectibles 272971704806. Pe8antique illinois bunn special 19jewels 60hr 4838608. We would like to know how old, is it a railroad watch and what it may be worth. Shortly after hamilton purchased illinois in 1927, the arrowsin style located at the hour markings changed to arrowsout. Illinois bunn special 60 hour elinvar 161a 21 jewel antique pocket watch jy325.

This is a 1922 vintage mens illinois bunn special railroad grade pocket watch. With silver and gold clamshell box and leatherette hardcase with orange interior. Vintage 1925 14kt white gold illinois pocket watch model 1. Illinois bunn special model 9 16s 21j pocket watch, running fine, nice movement. A closeup view of an illinois 16 size 21 jewel 161 bunn special pocket watch movement. Learn about vintage and antique pocket watches all about vintage pocket watch dials part 2. The face measures dia 1 58, with the case measuring h. I have a illinois bunn special 23 jewel 60 hour pocket watch i spoke to a man who told me that the watch was from 1928 the serial number is 5180485 the back of the case says it is 14k gold filled. It is an illinois, bunn special, railroad, 23 jewel, 60 hour, 163a, 5456373, elinvar, six position, double roller according to the santa fe time service approval card it was last serviced on november, 1941 here are some photos is this an uncommon version or am i just not looking hard enough to find info on this particular timepiece.

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