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See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Secret honor, a one man film about a fictional hour and a half of richard nixons life, was a result of one of these collaborations. A small, little known film by late, great director robert altman. Philip baker hall gives probably his best film performance as an offtherails richard nixon dictating his memoirs. First, secret honor began as a stage play written by donald freed. Secret honor 2000 stream and watch online moviefone. The film is based on a stage play of the same name. The filming occurred while altman was in residence at the university of. Its a biography and comedy movie with a high rotten tomatoes critics score of 77% and a. Secret honor depicts a fictional version of president richard m. One of robert altmans lowbudget 1980s playto film adaptations, secret honor further demonstrates just how little altmans style works in a play setting. Nixon, a fictional account attempting to gain insight into nixons personality, life, attitudes and behavior. Thereafter, altman was out of hollywoods good graces, though in the eighties, a decade widely considered his fallow period, he came through with the inventive theaterto film nixon monologue secret honor and the tv miniseries political satire tanner 88. Get 50% off this audiobook at the audiobooksnow online audio book store and download or stream it right to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

In secret honor, both as a play and a film, this species of conspiracysowing, often too outlandish to be anything more than perversely. His camera is too constrained, too unable to move, and the whole film feels stiff and claustrophobic as a result. Stone based on their play, directed by robert altman and starring philip baker hall as former president richard m. Other politically themed or politically relevant altman films included health 1980, streamers 1983, and kansas city 1996. Secret honor 1984 watch on the criterion channel or streaming.

The dramatic material, overheated to begin with, is hyped up by hysterical acting and further exaggerated by a busy miseenscene based on meaningless camera movements and spacedestroying zooms. Robert altmans secret honor, which is one of the most scathing, lacerating and brilliant movies of 1984, attempts to answer our questions. When he did make a film, it was usually with the same select few cast and crew he was repeatedly using. Sequestered in his home, a disgraced president richard milhous nixon arms himself with a. In robert altmans searing interrogation of presidential mystique and unchecked paranoia, a disgraced richard milhous nixon sits sequestered in his home, armed with a bottle of scotch and a gun, to record memoirs that no one will hear. The most tantalizing images in woodward and bernsteins the final.

Secret honor was the final project, so to speak, of one. Altman who is known for making films with big casts such as in mash 1970, nashville 1975, short cuts 1993, and gosford park 2001 makes a directorial transformation as he only casts philip baker hall in. Culture film features movies you might have missed. These notes are derived form the commentary tracks on the laserdisc. Secret honor is a 1984 film written by donald freed and arnold m. Secret honor was intended for television as it also was a part of a film class that robert altman taught at the university of michigan. Stone based on their play, directed by robert altman and starring philip baker hall as. Secret honor is available to stream on the criterion channel. After a shocking us election, its a timely moment to watch philip baker hall as former president nixon. Word of honor film streaming ita completo gratis 2003.

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