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Get a free online valuation in under 60 seconds by clicking here. When your car is too good to scrap but too costly to repair, motorwise is the goto company. I do not have the scrap cars keys are you still able to collect. In like way, on the off chance that you have your keys however no log book, we can still scrap your car. Buy, sell or scrap a vehicle buy or sell a vehicle. V5c also know as a log book has the vehicles details and the registered keepers details which is issued to you by dvla after you have bought a vehicle. Usually, to replace a v5c document you have to apply to the dvla and pay a fee of. However, its much simpler to scrap your car if youve managed to retain it. Hes had the car 5 years now and i wasnt at home when he bought it so i cant even remember if he even had a v5c in the first place and i cant ever recall seeing one since. We collect cars, vans, hgvs, bikes, minibuses, buses and caravans, mot failures, non runners, scrap, unwanted, accident damaged or written off. A logbook a ships logs or simply log is a record of important events in the management, operation, and navigation of a ship. However we do require some form of identificationevidence that you are the car vehicle owner, i. Log book tax none disabled months 46 months 712 months m.

Sometimes referred to as scrap yards and breakers yards atfs are the only choice when it comes time to scrap. The v5c document formerly v5, commonly known as a vehicles log book, is the registration certificate for uk vehicles. If you have not notified the dvla in writing then its possible they could take the decision to prosecute and fine you. A v5c or car log book is very important if you ever sell your car, or if youre buying a used car. Scrapping your car without the log book is made a lot simpler if you can provide photo id and a utility bill of the person selling the car. Legally, you do not need to have the v5c document to scrap a car. We need a log book for every scrap car, we do not scrap shells, caravans, lorries or motorbikes we only specialise in scrapping cars or vans. Legally, youre not required to have a logbook to sell your car to be dismantled by a scrap buyer, as you can notify the dvla online, but even then, scrap metal dealers prefer to have documentation in place for end of life vehicles. In fact, its a legal requirement to tell the dvla when youve scrapped your car, and unless you let them know in good time, you may end up unnecessarily costing yourself on things like road tax. Our business is unique in that we compare the price of your vehicle with over 120 vehicle collectors across the uk. It is essential to traditional navigation, and must be filled in at least daily. Ive gone to look for the log book and cant find it anywhere. In this case, we would need to provide alternative proof of ownership either a sorn document or tax reminder dated within the last three months. Get a replacement log book v5c if the original has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, or you have not received one for your new vehicle.

On the day of collection our driver will stamp your v. Tell dvla youve sold, transferred or bought a vehicle. These ensure that you are deregistered from ownership and have no further legal responsibility for the vehicle. Scrap car collecting we pay you j jones motor spares. Scrap my car for cash dvla notified fully licensed. When you sell your vehicle to remove my car, you are extremely unlikely to run into this situation. For years i have taken cars to scrap yards, given them the logbook and they ticked section 17 scrapped and filled in the details.

No, just make sure you take out any personal belongings, gather any paperwork you have for your car, remove house keys from the key ring. Scrap my car instant quotes free same day collection. By law, you do not need to have your v5c registration certificate log book for the vehicle you are looking to scrap. When selling without a v5, youll need to provide a bill of sale which includes all info for the new buyer to apply for a new logbook. Scrap car prices, top prices guaranteed scrap yard in. Lost v5c certificateselling car for scrap digital spy. Simply enter your reg or call us for a instant quote. Scrap local is a growing network of scrap car buyers that pays the best prices for scrap cars all over the uk. Scrap my car ottawa 4603 bank st unit d, ottawa, ontario k1t3w6 rated 4.

Some companies may not buy a scrap car from you unless you have the vehicle registration document. We will always insist on the vehicles key as it has been known for people. Call 0800 878 6022 or fill in our free quote form, and we will put you in touch with one of our scrap car buyers who will pay you cash for your scrap car. We can scrap your car without the logbook v5 document. Scrap your vehicle free and legally, we offer a free scrap car collection service if you cannot produce your log book then we will ask you to inform the dvla that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle and that it will be scrapped. Vehicle registration document log book scrapping your car. A vehicle log book can also be recognised by a handful of alternative names including a v5 document, this document verifies ownership of the vehicle you are scrapping. Scrap my car for cash information you need to know. Its vital to have the right paperwork before you scrap your car. You will need your v5 document log book and you will need to sign the part of the seller and post this to the dvla. The v5c which can also be known as the log book or by its old name, v5 is a vital piece of paperwork that is often forgotten about in the back of a drawer until it comes time to sell your car on. Plus, if youre ready to scrap your car with scrap car network but you dont have the v5c, its also a good plan let us know. Logbook v5, scrap cars collected free, scrap car uk recycle unwanted scrap vehicles, offering free collection free disposal on a national scale. If you have a question or want to find out a little more about our service, our frequently asked questions should be able to help.

You should never buy a car that doesnt have a log book as this could be a sign the owner has taken out a logbook loan on the vehicle, borrowing money against the value of the car. Scrap car comparison limited, a company registered in england and wales under company number 08472194. However you are legally obliged to notify the dvla that your vehicle is sorn and ready to be deregistered. Many people are confused about whether they need a certificate of destruction when scrapping their vehicle. My scrap car has been stood and unused for some time and will not startmove. For your peace of mind, instant online quotes are confirmed by phone before arranging collection.

If your car is being recycled at one of our centres, we will notify dvla ourselves and issue you with a certificate of destruction. Faqs scrap my car cash in liverpool and manchester. Faqs, scrap cars collected free, scrap car uk recycle unwanted scrap vehicles, offering free collection free disposal on a national scale. The complete guide to scrapping your car asm auto recycling. From a quick glance new log book doesnt have scrapped it myself option old ones did but he hasnt got a log book so thats sorted that i weighed a car in a few years back and things were. Take in a filled in application for a log book v62 and. Leading the way in standards compliance what is cat s. If this is the case and the original owner doesnt repay the. The v5 log book holds the details of the registered keeper of the.

Ultimately its quick and simple to keep your v5c vehicle logbook current, as our ultimate v5 guide shows. As youd expect, the dvla are pretty strict when it comes to scrapping your car. If you didnt get a log book when you bought the car then you also need to complete the v62 form that you can download from the dvla website. If youre thinking of scrapping your car and have lost the v5c certificate for. They will need to know the vehicles registration number, along with the make and model of the car. Cars scrap free collection scrap my car, scrap my van. No scrap places will let him scrap it without the v5. You must also clearly specify the exact date the car has been scrapped and the name and address of the scrap yard youve used. What if an atf wont scrap my car without a log book. Once you have the required documents, jamjar makes scrapping your car easy.

Do i need a certificate of destruction when scrapping my car. Vehicle registration document log book scrap my car. When you choose to scrap your car with cartakeback, itll be recycled in line with the law at an authorised scrap car recycling centre, we have over 300 across the uk. However when scrapping your vehicle, you can simply notify dvla to let them know you have sold the vehicle to the trade as scrap. With access to the dvla car registration system, our approved atfs across the nation are able to issue customers with certificates of destruction. Having a log book v5c will make life easier when you come to recycle your car. Purfleet recycling ltd scrap car and elv recycling. Expired mot failed 1 month 24 months 56 months 712 months condition submit.

Merely enter your reg number below into our car valuation tool and the quotes will appear on your screen. We take the other part and hand this to the atf who will directly remove your car from the dvla database. I consent to purfleet recycling using my personal information contained in this form. Where to scrap a car without title regardless of whether it has a title or v5 registration document, any car you want to dispose of must be scrapped at an atf authorised treatment facility. However when scrapping your vehicle, you can simply notify dvla in writing to let them know you have sold the vehicle to the trade as scrap. We provide you with the very best price for your vehicle, as well making sure the process is completely hasslefree. Its not my car anyway its my dads but im trying to help him out.

So we dont know if hes even had one or its just lost. On the rare occasion the v5 is out of date, we will stamp it with our trading name and address and send it to the dvla to notify them of the sale. How do i scrap my car can i scrap my car without a. Nearly all of our members are willing to accept elvs without log. The term originally referred to a book for recording readings from the chip log that was used to estimate a ships speed through the water. If you dont have a log book for the car you are scrapping then you must write to the dvla. You then send it to dvla with the green new keeper slip you were given when you bought the vehicle and the good news is you wont have to pay a fee. We will still issue you with a certificate of destruction cod. If youve owned your vehicle for so many years that its ready to be recycled, then the. This document should show your details on the form, if not and you are scrapping this on behalf of someone else, we will require identification from you along with a signed note or our vehicle surrender form completed. I have been wanting to scrap my old car for ages but have lost the v5 logbook for it.

With, you are in the right place to scrap your car for money today. Scrap my car today faqs well get you the best scrap salvage price for you car. How to sell a car without a v5c logbook 2020 update. As long as you have a v5 log book we will transfer the vehicle to us on your behalf before we even load the vehicle on to our truck. If your car has come to the end of the road and is ready to be recycled, well buy your car for scrap. A registration document v5clog book is the document issued by the dvla usually to the owner of the vehicle or the person company who is responsible for the vehicle. The vehicle logbook v5c you cant scrap your car without this. On the off chance that you have lost your keys however have the v5c, we can scrap your car. Scrap my car scrap your car for cash instant quote. Read how to scrap a car to help you make the right decision first time round.

We scrap cars and offer a free removal service for all your unwanted scrap cars in the burtonontrent area. Scrap a car in purfleet, scrap a car in kent, scrap a car in basildon. Vehicle registration document v5c if you intend to sell an end of life vehicle elv and you dont have the log book, you need to read this. You can ring our team on 03333 44 99 50 were in the office monday to friday 8am to 8pm. With that information, the dvla will be able to update their database and make sure youre no longer registered as the keeper of your soontobe scrap car. Sell car for scrap frequently asked questions scrap. Your name and address are up to date on your registration certificate v5c thats the log book. Logbook v5, scrap car disposal cars scrap free collection. Well be able to arrange a collection date for you and. Get a vehicle log book v5c check a used vehicle youre.

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